How to increase your penis size!

How to INCREASE your Penis SIZE!!

With so much conflicting information online, we decided that the best thing to do would be to help people see that there is a solution.

Firstly, Titan gel sold on amazon, ebay etc is not TITAN DHT GEL,  Titan gel is just some herbs in a gel and people copied our brand.

Titan DHT gel is the best topical dht solution in the world, its a liquid gel, not a cream so it dries fast, can carry more product, passes the epidermis easily and doesnt cause a spill of DHT into the system, it is designed so if you use 2 drops twice a day you provide just enough DHT to stimulate the androgen receptors, those same receptors are responsible for the size of your penis.

But stimulating them is not enough, you need to soften the collagen, and that can only be done with a few products , all of these are included in our carrier matrix, i get loads of emails every day asking for the ingredients. Thats not happening.

Apply The TITAN DHT GEL twice a day, 2 drops at a time, massage in then stretch.

Do not have sex until its fully dry, then wash clean with soap, as DHT can cause masculine features in women.

Remember if you have had a small penis 20 years, it wont be fixed in 2 hours, it takes time and no supplement or stretching equipment will change that, but TITAN DHT GEL can fast forward your results and help you get the gains in a quarter of the time, 1 year to get 4 year gains, that can be up to 2 inches in length and girth.  This is our long time customer Seb, he used a mixture of Titan 50 and Titan pro for 16 months.

These results are possible with TITAN DHT gel and through regular stretching Seb got these results age 28 after years of insecurity.

We make our own DHT in our own lab, so we know what you are getting. This same lab has been making DHT for Doctors who regularly buy our products.

We offer tracking, easy payment with card or paypal, and we help customers al the way through with advice and help.

If you want to change your live and improve your self confidence please contact us below. Or order on our site.


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